Hey, I'm Hakim Ahmad and I make websites for a living since 6 years ago. I worked on variety of projects including startups, e-commerce, greenfield project, legacy project, system design, system migration, and system maintenance.


Ruby on Rails
Solidus (RoR's Ecommerce Framework)
General Webstack: PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, MySQL
Developer Tools: Git, Redis, Postman, Rollbar, New Relic
DevOps: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Cloudflare, Namecheap, Kubernetes
Mobile App: Ignite (React Native's Framework)
Hobby: Clojure, Re-frame (clojure web stack)

Software Architectural Design
Database Design
Feature Design

Remote working
Write and speak English fluently
Team's brainstorming

Works on

Please check Projects for my portfolios, these sections are 'packages' that I interested to work on, click the cards to know more.
Congrammer Enterprise (CA0293301-P)
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