Initial Commit

December 15, 2019

Finally, I finished building my personal site, it's ridiculous how much I delay myself from finishing this. It's been almost 2 years actually, no exaggeration. I'm not really sure what's the first entry for my blog should be but then, blabbering on my experience building this site would be a good topic to start with.

The biggest hurdle for me is picking up a framework/tool that I want to set up my blog with. It consists of Wordpress, Jekyll (Ruby), Stasis (Clojure), Gatsby (React) and many more! I was blinded by the choice and keep scrapping away the stuff that I build.

I don't even remember how many times I scrap Gatsby. I still remember it was simply a static site generator when I first start planning on my blogs, now it has a lot of cool things going for it i.e. GraphQL, Gatsby Market et cetera. In the end, this site is built on Gatsby anyway so I don't know what the past me is thinking!

I sure underestimate the time I need to finish up the setup for this blog. Maybe because I'm unfamiliar with JS framework and React but I think the biggest timesink is handling the JS-CSS. I still have an issue doing front-end stuff even though it has been 4 years already since becoming Web Developer, alas I was always been working on Back-end/DevOps/Architects.

With Gatsby as the foundation, I used the 'chronoblog' template to start with, because it's pretty similar to how twitter works except its single user. So technically a personal diary, which fits in with the intention of mine. I don't think I can commit to a scheduled blogging post as I planned in the past, so I scrap away such an idea.

It has been 6 paragraphs and I only explained up to the templates, pretty much sums up my focus on building this site, always losing my aims on when and what should I've done. To sum up, the stuff that I used:

  • gatsby-starter-chronoblog (a template)
  • react-collapsible-component (accordion implementation)
  • emotion-react-bootstrap (react-bootstrap but now with styled-components!) EDIT: bootstrap is intrusive to the global CSS, replaced it with MaterialUI
  • AWS Amplify

Even though I actually did deploy some static site on S3 manually in the past but managed-services(Amplify) > meager cents(S3). Looking forward to next month's bills!

With that said, that's how I build this site, I planned to add more things to it and there are multiple pages still 'Under Construction' but for now this should be enough as an 'interface'.


Hakim Ahmad